An English Cherry Martini Jelly

Category : Food


500g Pitted English Cherries
150g Sugar
200g Water
1 pinch of Salt
50ml Kirsch (Cherry Liquor)
4 leaves of Gelatine

10ml Kirsch
100g Double Cream
20g Icing Sugar
200g Pitted Fresh English Cherries


Warm your 500g of pitted cherries with the sugar, water and salt. Before it boils remove from the heat and add Kirsch. Blend in a food processor slowly for a minute. Once broken down pass your now cherry juice through a fine sieve.

Soak 4 leaves of gelatine in cold water, once soft and pliable add to your Cherry juice and dissolve.

Take 6 martini glasses and fill them evenly with your 200g of pitted cherries.

Once you’ve placed your cherries in the martini glasses, your juice will have chilled enough to pour over the cherries.

Pour on just enough to cover your cherries and place on a tray flat in the fridge until set.

Add your remaining Kirsch to the icing sugar and whisk to a paste.

Now add the double cream and whisk to a soft peak.

Use this to top off your glasses just before serving