Roast English Veal Sweetbread, Preserved Lemon, Nasturtium, Maple, Black Pepper, Burnt Celeriac

Category : Food

1x English Veal Sweetbread
12x Organic Lemons
2x Sticks of Lemon Grass
Sea Salt
Black Pepper Mill
1x Celeriac
Maple Syrup
Nasturtium Leaves

Preserved Lemon Puree
12 Organic Lemons
500g Sugar
100g Sea Salt
2 sticks Lemon Grass

Bring 8 of the lemons from cold to the boil twice in water seasoned with sugar and salt. Refresh after each boil. On the third and final time add the lemon grass. Once boiled allow to cool in the pan. When cold place in a kilner jar and refrigerate for a week to marinade.
Remove lemons from the liquor, dice all of the lemon small and cook down in a heavy bottom pan. Once all liquid is reduced add the sugar, stir into the mixture remove from the heat add the juice of 4 lemons and blend. Pass through a drum sieve and adjust seasoning.

Burnt Celeriac
Dice the celeriac into 2cm cubes. Blanch your celeriac in water seasoned with sugar and salt, until al dente. Refresh in ice water. Dry thoroughly on a cloth. Pan-fry in a little oil until blackened on one side.

Cooking the Sweetbread
Roast your veal sweetbread in oil until golden and crispy add some unsalted butter and finish the cooking with continual basting. Once cooked remove the fat and add a spoonful of maple syrup to the pan to glaze the sweetbread. Crack some black pepper coarsely, grate lemon zest and sprinkle a little sea salt onto the sweetbreads.

To Dress
Roast off 2 of the sweetbreads as above and wrap one in a large softened nasturtium leaf, leave the other as is. Smear the lemon puree onto your plate, place the burnt celeriac liberally around. Add your 2 sweetbreads to the plate and a few small nasturtium leaves.