Baked Apple Stuffed with Mincemeat

Category : Food

1 Kg Grated Apple
250g Currants
250g Muscavado Sugar
125g Sultanas
125g Raisins
100g Blanched Chopped Hazelnuts
75g Glace Cherries
4 table spoons Brandy
1 tablespoons Ground Mixed Spice
½ tablespoon Ground Cinnamon
1 Orange Zest and Juice

Heat all the ingredients together (with the exception of the brandy) in a large heavy bottom pan until the sugar has dissolved to a syrup.  Once dissolved simmer for 30 minutes, skimming if necessary. Finally add the Brandy and allow to cool.
Leave in kilner jars in your fridge and use when required, the longer you leave them the better they are!

To stuff Apples

6 Braeburn Apples
250g Soft unsalted Butter
200g Demerara Sugar

Pre Heat your oven to 200ºc.
Peel and core your apples, stuff them with plenty of your mincemeat (really pack it in).
Roll them in your soft butter followed by the Sugar and simply bake them in a baking tray for approx 20 minutes.
They should come out with a crispy sweet exterior and a soft succulent seasonal centre.
Your left over mincemeat use for a few mince pies.

Happy Baking.