Poached Rhubarb and Yorkshire Rhubarb Soup

Category : Food

With the rhubarb season now well underway this month’s recipe celebrates the delicate flavour of this wonderful, under-rated English vegetable.

400g Yorkshire Rhubarb
40g Lemon Grass
1 Vanilla Pod
20g Ginger
2 Orange Juice
1 Lemon Juice
150g Sugar
600g Water


Bring all ingredients to the boil (except rhubarb) and leave to infuse.

Once the liquor is cold pass it through a fine sieve and return to the boil.

Pour half of the liquor over 300g of washed Yorkshire Rhubarb Batons, cut approx. 3cm long. Set aside and allow to cool down.

To make the soup add 100g of your rhubarb to the other half of your liquor and cook until softened. Once soft blend to a smooth consistency

Serve either chilled or warm, with your poached rhubarb and a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s also beautiful set as a jelly or just the poached rhubarb served with custard.

Happy Cooking!