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I am really excited to be part of Dingley Dell’s flying visit at Alimentium in Cambridge on 13th June 2012. Its always nice to go back to Cambridge and great to cook with my long time friend Mark Poynton chef/Patron of Restaurant Alimentum. £65 a head for a cocktail, canapes and five cracking Pork based courses sounds like a bargain to me.

At Dingley Dell, pigs are born, reared and grown outdoors all year round. Dingley Dell’s beautiful flavour comes from the breeds used, great animal health and welfare, naturally balanced nutrition and a stress-free environment. The Flying Visits are fun evenings where guests experience everything that’s great about pigs and pork. Sounds great! So what happens on these nights, exactly?

On the night, you can expect:

  • Introductions from Mark from Dingley Dell Pork, porky anecdotes and farm film.
  • A short discussion on pig welfare from the RSPCA ‘s Freedom Food.
  • Butchery master class.
  • Mouth-watering pork dishes introduced by award-winning chefs.
  • A selection of wine to match the each course.

To book, call the restaurant directly on 01223 413000 or email reservations@restaurantalimentum.co.uk

Dinner Menu
Pre Dinner Cocktail
By Joe Tivey of 12A Member’s Club

By “ A Passion to Inspire ” students

Crispy pig’s head, garden vegetable salad and almond
By Eric Snaith, Titchwell Manor

Pork Belly, carrots, liquorice, sweet cicely and lemon verbena
By Russell Bateman, Colette’s at The Grove

Ham, Egg and Cheeks
By Ross Pike and Madalene Bonvini-Hamel, The British Larder Suffolk

Hay smoked pork loin, turnip, apple and jack by the hedge
By Mark Poynton, Restaurant Alimentum

Peanut, strawberry and crispy pork shoulder
By Michelle Gillott, chocolatier

£65 per person

To book, call the restaurant directly on 01223 413000 or email reservations@restaurantalimentum.co.uk