Smoked Trout Rillettes

Posted : 12 November 2011

Ingredients 200g Smoked Trout Flaked 100g Smoked Salmon torn 50g Mayonnaise 75g Crème Fraiche 1 Dessert spoon of each Chopped Dill, Chives & Chervil 15g Creamed Horseradish Lemon Juice & Zest Ground White Pepper Salt Method In one bowl combine your horseradish, Mayonnaise, Crème Fraiche & Herbs. Once all combined add your salmon, trout and …Read more

Mincemeat Parfait

Posted : 12 October 2011

Ingredients 375g Chopped Mincemeat 100ml water 130g Sugar 6 Egg Yolks 20g Sugar 300g Double Cream 2 Egg whites 80g Sugar A squeeze of Lemon Juice Method To make the syrup add the 100ml water and 130g sugar and take to 115˚c. Whisk the 6 egg yolks and 20g sugar to a white ribbon in …Read more

Slow Roast Pork Belly

Posted : 12 July 2011

Feeds 8 Ingredients 1 Large Pork Belly Skin on and scored 12 Large Carrots 4 Spanish Onions 1 Head of Garlic Peeled 2 Kg New Potatoes 6 Braeburn Apples 3 Bay Leaves 4 Sprigs Rosemary 6 Sprigs of Thyme 500ml Fresh Apple Juice Olive Oil Salt Method Peel all your vegetables. Cut the onion into …Read more

Poached Rhubarb and Yorkshire Rhubarb Soup

Posted : 21 May 2011

With the rhubarb season now well underway this month’s recipe celebrates the delicate flavour of this wonderful, under-rated English vegetable. 400g Yorkshire Rhubarb 40g Lemon Grass 1 Vanilla Pod 20g Ginger 2 Orange Juice 1 Lemon Juice 150g Sugar 600g Water Method: Bring all ingredients to the boil (except rhubarb) and leave to infuse. Once …Read more

Valentines Passion Fruit Tart

Posted : 11 January 2011

This dessert sums up Valentines for me. I’m posting this up early so you get a chance to practice before the day. It’s succulent, indulgent, fresh and the clue is in the name. It really will get your juices following!!! Ingredients 300 ml Passed Passion Fruit Lemon Juice 2 Orange Zests 270g Sugar 9 Eggs …Read more

Baked Apple Stuffed with Mincemeat

Posted : 28 December 2010

Ingredients 1 Kg Grated Apple 250g Currants 250g Muscavado Sugar 125g Sultanas 125g Raisins 100g Blanched Chopped Hazelnuts 75g Glace Cherries 4 table spoons Brandy 1 tablespoons Ground Mixed Spice ½ tablespoon Ground Cinnamon 1 Orange Zest and Juice Method Heat all the ingredients together (with the exception of the brandy) in a large heavy …Read more