Roast English Veal Sweetbread, Preserved Lemon, Nasturtium, Maple, Black Pepper, Burnt Celeriac

Category : Food

1x English Veal Sweetbread
12x Organic Lemons
2x Sticks of Lemon Grass
Sea Salt
Black Pepper Mill
1x Celeriac
Maple Syrup
Nasturtium Leaves

Preserved Lemon Puree
12 Organic Lemons
500g Sugar
100g Sea Salt
2 sticks Lemon Grass

Bring 8 of the lemons from cold to the boil twice in water seasoned with sugar and salt. Refresh after each boil. On the third and final time add the lemon grass. Once boiled allow to cool in the pan. When cold place in a kilner jar and refrigerate for a week to marinade.
Remove lemons from the liquor, dice all of the lemon small and cook down in a heavy bottom pan. Once all liquid is reduced add the sugar, stir into the mixture remove from the heat add the juice of 4 lemons and blend. Pass through a drum sieve and adjust seasoning.

Burnt Celeriac
Dice the celeriac into 2cm cubes. Blanch your celeriac in water seasoned with sugar and salt, until al dente. Refresh in ice water. Dry thoroughly on a cloth. Pan-fry in a little oil until blackened on one side.

Cooking the Sweetbread
Roast your veal sweetbread in oil until golden and crispy add some unsalted butter and finish the cooking with continual basting. Once cooked remove the fat and add a spoonful of maple syrup to the pan to glaze the sweetbread. Crack some black pepper coarsely, grate lemon zest and sprinkle a little sea salt onto the sweetbreads.

To Dress
Roast off 2 of the sweetbreads as above and wrap one in a large softened nasturtium leaf, leave the other as is. Smear the lemon puree onto your plate, place the burnt celeriac liberally around. Add your 2 sweetbreads to the plate and a few small nasturtium leaves.

Colette’s “Fruit and Nut” Jar

Category : Food

This is a dish inspired by childhood, in the playground at lunch time or on a visit to the local sweet shop. Pick your favorite chocolate bar and look at it from another perspective, simply as a combination of ingredients, I picked mine………Cadburys Fruit and Nut Jar.

Pot au chocolate
1 pint Double Cream
250g Milk
30g Cocoa Powder
5 Egg Yolks
100g Icing Sugar
400g Milk Chocolate

Bring the Cocoa, milk and cream to the boil, pour onto the whisked sugar and egg yolks, return to the pan and cook until it coats the back of a spoon, you must constantly stir whilst cooking. Once cooked pour onto your Milk Chocolate and whisk thoroughly. Pour into small Kilner or Parfait Jars approx 80g per portion.

Caramelised Hazelnuts
100g Castor Sugar
50g Peeled Hazelnuts

Put the sugar into a dry pan and melt to a golden caramel add the roasted nuts stir in and pour onto a clean lightly oiled plate, once set and cold break up with a rolling pin.

Grape Foam
375g grape juice reduced to syrup
375g grape juice the sugar to taste
4 ½ gelatin sheet

Place the above recipe into an ISI cream whipper. Chill and use from the fridge.

We also serve it with some semi dried late picked Muscat grapes and a soft cold scoop of hazelnut ice cream.

Scottish Girolles Soup

Category : Food

300g Scottish Girolles Mushrooms
200g Button Mushrooms
2 cloves of Garlic
4 Sliced Shallots
10g Thyme
½  Bay Leaf
100g Butter
Sherry Vinegar
50ml Madeira
500g Vegetable Stock
200g Double Cream
100g Milk
White Pepper

Sweat down your shallots and garlic in the butter with salt and pepper.  Once softened add the chopped mushrooms, season with a little salt and cook down until no liquid is left. Deglaze the pan with a dash of sherry vinegar, once reduced add Madeira and again reduce.  Your mushrooms will have a lovely glaze , when they are at this stage they are great on toast.
Add your stock, milk and herbs and bring to the boil.  Once your soup base has boiled add the cream and blend in liquidizer. Strain through a sieve.  Check your seasoning and serve.
This is fantastic served with a poached Duck egg and a few croutons.

An English Cherry Martini Jelly

Category : Food


500g Pitted English Cherries
150g Sugar
200g Water
1 pinch of Salt
50ml Kirsch (Cherry Liquor)
4 leaves of Gelatine

10ml Kirsch
100g Double Cream
20g Icing Sugar
200g Pitted Fresh English Cherries


Warm your 500g of pitted cherries with the sugar, water and salt. Before it boils remove from the heat and add Kirsch. Blend in a food processor slowly for a minute. Once broken down pass your now cherry juice through a fine sieve.

Soak 4 leaves of gelatine in cold water, once soft and pliable add to your Cherry juice and dissolve.

Take 6 martini glasses and fill them evenly with your 200g of pitted cherries.

Once you’ve placed your cherries in the martini glasses, your juice will have chilled enough to pour over the cherries.

Pour on just enough to cover your cherries and place on a tray flat in the fridge until set.

Add your remaining Kirsch to the icing sugar and whisk to a paste.

Now add the double cream and whisk to a soft peak.

Use this to top off your glasses just before serving

Warm Salad of Wild Trout, Jersey Royals, Gooseberries and Water Cress

Category : Food

4 120g fillets of Wild Sea Trout
½ kg Jersey Royal Potatoes
200g Gooseberries
2 bunches of Sarrat Water Cress
1 bunch Chervil
Sourdough Bread
Good Olive Olive Oil
1 Lemon

Serves 4

Season and pan fry the Trout skin side down on a medium heat in the good olive oil, until skin is crispy. Add the Gooseberries to the pan and stir in, Turn the fish and leave to rest in the pan. Squeeze a little lemon juice into the pan.

Boil the Potatoes in a pan with salted water until softened. A knife should slide in and out of the potato with ease.  Dice the sourdough and pan fry in good olive oil until crispy. Drain on a cloth and season. Pick the tops of the Chervil and chop up (just roughly)

Remove your potatoes from the water and slice. Put into a mixing bowl, add the croutons, Chervil and Water cress.  Gently mix all the ingredients and place onto your serving bowls.

Flake the trout into nice big pieces and scatter on your salad bed, add the gooseberries randomly to your bowl. Dress the salad with the oil from the pan. This will provide the perfect vinaigrette for your salad. The skin on the fish is optional but will give another texture.

Happy Cooking!